Fresh Seafood

Nothing is better than the good quality seafood! OGS brings delicious taste to the just-caught fish cuisine. Ocean Gold Seafood is the name for trust and quality for years. All fresh fish are carefully checked and graded upon receiving then shipped accordingly.

Frozen Seafood

OGS carries a wide variety of fish species, cuts and sizes. Vendors worldwide process these seafood items. To deliver premium quality to our customers, we source from vendors who provide fresh stock. All frozen inventory is maintained in updated technology storage and freezer facilities. This bond in the value chain helps ensure that product integrity is maintained from the factory till delivery of the material. Also OGS has the great quality easy-to-handle packaging from small to large cartons always set ready to provide upon client’s requirement and wish.

Dry Seafood

For OGS the two major markets for dry seafood are Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. OGS ensures the process for these fish and other seafood verity preserved with the color, taste and texture for up to 12 months.

Value Added

The premium quality you receive begins the moment our fish are caught. A careful fish grading system, a beautifully cut and shaped pieces of fish enables the consumers to ready-to-cook food supply. Ocean Gold Seafood ensures not only the quality of preservation without injurious to health artificial preservatives but makes certain healthy and hygienic seafood available in your kitchen refrigerator.

Sting Ray

Parrot Fish

Indian Oil Sardine

Tongue Sole

Yellow Croaker

Silver Croaker

Tiger Tooth Croaker

Sea White Shrimps


Blue Swimming Crab

Three Spot Crab

King Fish

Cat Fish

Red Snapper

Japanese Thread Seabream

Indian Mackerel

Japanese Pomfret

Black Pomfret

Silver Pomfret

Silver Silago (Lady Fish)

Cuttle Fish

Loligo Squid

Ribbon Fish