Our Processing Unit

We have a production capacity of 70 ton of seafood per day. Our latest equipment includes 6 plate freezers with the capacity of 1 ton each and 8 blast freezers with the capacity of 7 ton each. These machinery supports in processing for color retention and improves meat texture to give it a taste of freshly caught fish.
Time is the key factor in seafood processing; so we ensure just-in-time harvests and just-in-time processing & delivery of the deep sea products. Our staff is self enthusiastic in generating motivation to exceed certain production and seafood quality objectives assigned by the plant management team. Logistical connections between the processing plant and the market are just as critical; so we always keep backup plan for that too.


The directors, officers and staff of Ocean Gold Seafood try to maintain ethical behavior at all times. Ocean Gold Seafood operates business with great responsibility. Our guiding principle consent encourages consistent, fair and highly ethical standards of behavior.