About Us

Ocean Gold Seafood (OGS) is one of the vibrant seafood exporters in Pakistan. We have been contributing in the seafood industry for almost four decades. With the help of professionally trained and highly skilled staff, OGS never compromised on the quality. OGS provides a wide range of seafood products including fishes and shrimps.

Ocean Gold Seafood exports the best quality seafood to our regular consumer countries such as China, USA, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, U.A.E, Korea, Japan and Turkey. We believe in promoting healthy eating and contribute in providing quality food items. We measure quality at every step.

Ocean Gold Seafood (OGS) is known for one of the fastest growing vertically integrated seafood companies. OGS has two primary operations: Processing & Trading.


To become leading importers and processors of fresh and frozen seafood in the local and international market. Our goal is to fulfill highest standards of quality and product assortments while helping restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems in Pakistan.


Through global sourcing, our operations support to exceed the needs and expectations of our wide range of clientele that includes restaurants, regional grocery chains, the national food distributors and other businesses in the food industry.


Chairman, Ocean Gold Seafood

Ocean Gold Seafood (OGS) is the sole initiative of chairman Mr. Anwer Ali Khoja. OGS is a fruit that belongs to the tree of efforts and hard work of Mr. Khoja. In 1964, Mr. Khoja started the company on a small scale, as an individual dealer, with just 25-30 tons of fish processing and trading a day. Today, OGS is one of the biggest suppliers with 90% of the market shares in the fishing industry.

C.E.O, Ocean Gold Seafood

Mr. Imran Ali, the key player of Ocean Gold Seafood, is responsible for dealing with international clients, taking care of production and importing supplies from number of suppliers. After Mr. Anwer Ali Khoja’s retirement from the directorship of OGS Mr.Imran Ali took charge of trading and exporting activities. Mr. Ali’s role is also to supervise daily working staff and to make sure that the hi-tech machinery used at OGS is maintained properly. Mr. Ali’s devotion and dedication has proved to be one of the reasons behind the success of OGS.


At Ocean Gold Seafood, we believe in maintaining high quality at all costs! Our superior quality is evident in all of our products. We use most efficient ways to maintain high quality of our products with the help of our diverse workforce and environmental friendly practices. It is our commitment to our customers which enables us to consistently deliver the best healthy seafood products which they can sell with complete confidence. During the process, we do not forget to raise awareness about restoring our marine-life and Eco-friendly systems in the coastline of Pakistan.